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little rock getting more in the next 48 hours. you know where w morning, washington, here is a live shot in laurel there is skies and some rainfall just to the south of the washington area and the temperature is in the low 70's. the winds will be shifting to the south. just to theowers south of us and we see some rain in frederick's word into portions of charles county. 81 it's cloud quiz time. dan and bianna, take a close look. this isn't the best, look at the tiny piece. >> that's a tornado. >> it's not. but you, wouldn't necessarily know. the tree is in the way. it's a funnel. there is a distinct difference, it does not touch the ground, tornado does. often gets mistaken. >> i'm not lying, i was going to say funnel. i -- >> you're good. bianna's winning, by the way, in the quiz. >> and that dustnado is neat. >> that's not typical. but we'll do that another time. >> it's not a sharknado. >> the science is confusing me. thank you. >>> turn now to welcome relief for drivers and their pocketbooks. catch a break not only for the remainder of this year, but next year too. abc didi ray roy i
washington correspondent, good to see you. >> morning, lester. >> trying to get troops out of afghanistan by the end of 2014. does he or this country have an appetite to get in another military venture? >> no. it's the red line the president does not want to cross. he ran for office criticizing the iraq war. he opposes dumb wars. it's plain from everything the president has done and said, it would be dumb for the united states to get seriously involved. that said, when you have chemical weapons used on a large scale, with the president having said that is something he would not tolerate, he's got to have some sort of response. it's what they are weighing right now. what can you do? cruise missile strikes from the sea that does not involve boots on the ground and overflight syria which has air capability. >> he would like an international mandate. probably not going come from the u.n. security counsel. there's talk he could use the model president clinton used in kosovo, the humanitarian crisis there. is that an option for him to give him international coverage? >> yes, if he gets the nato
on assignment in washington and meeting palmer for the first time. a little bit in awe and then immediately he was so disarming and that's how well a remember him today. >> such an incredible journalist. but by all accounts what really made him a wonderful person was the fact that he was just such a good guy and so kind to everyone. >> we look forward to sharing more of his life coming up. >>> we want to begin with the latest on the terror threat. president obama is being briefed on the latest. he was updated by national security council adviser susan rice after his top security team met to discuss the threat. >> there are 22 u.s. embassies and consulates shut down today across 17 muslim nations, and that's to keep those who work there safe. and the one in yemen which is considered high risk with al qaeda gaining a foothold there. >> let's get the latest from richard engel. good morning. he's live in cairo this morning. >> reporter: good morning, lester. diplomatic activity around the world has been severely disrupted by the series of closures. behind me is the u.s. embassy in cairo that is cl
in the bay. back with a news update. >> washington, d.c., 50 years since the speech. ready to launch. an attack that could come within 24 hours. overnight a group tied to the syrian military claims responsibility for hacking twitter and we're live at the pentagon. >>> flames spreading near yosemite national park, making it one of the largest in california history. the smoke now impacting air quality more than 100 miles away. >>> and -- >> i have a dream today. >> keeping the dream alive 50 years after martin luther king jr.'s landmark speech. thousands are gathering in washington to honor the civil rights leader and reflect on how far we've come today, wednesday, august 28th, 2013. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is a special edition of "today" with matt lauer and savannah guthrie. live from studio 1-a in rockefeller plaza. >>> and good morning. welcome to "today." it's 7:00 a.m. on the west coast on a wednesday. i'm matt lauer. >> good morning everyone. i'm savannah guthrie along with tamron hall. this is where dr. king said those iconic words back i
and likely her brother inside. an amber alert for anderson is now in effect in california, oregon, washington, and nevada. police say the 40-year-old dimaggio may be armed with home made explosives. >> unusually high number of bottle the nosed dolphins are dying off the east coast this summer according to researchers looking into what killed the 124 dolphins stranded in the mid-atlantic region since july. they suspect maybe the same virus which killed hundreds of dolphins in the 1980s. >> burglar pulled off an elaborate heist at a trendy boutique in west hollywood. the thief used construction equipment to tunnel his way inside. he cut holes in the dry wall of public bathroom in the back of the store. security cameras captured him gathering his haul for 20 minutes. he left with $8,000 in high fashion merchandise. >> we had a shawshank redemption moment. some one literally burrowed through our was to come into our store. >> wow, the store manager said the thief ignored the most expensive items. he was clearly on a specificete from a designer. >> one specific taste. family of the car accident vi
, the one that led washington to invade baghdad. u.s. officials say there's no comparison. the goal is limited to punish president assad for killing on august 21st, more than 2,100 people, including more than 400 children with chemical weapons. today, russia's vladimir putin said the u.s. case for a limited military action against syria and accusations that it's used chemical weapons are quote nonsense. >> richard engel for us this morning, thank you. >>> after fighting wars in iraq and afghanistan, americans are war fatigued. the question is, will this really make us safer. i had a chance to speak exclusively with former cia director and secretary of defense leon panetta. the administration made a moral argument and justification for a war on syria. is it in the national security of the u.s. or legal without u.n. backing? >> the president has the responsibility to protect our vital, national interests, security interests. there's no question credibility and leadership of the united states in a troubled world is extremely important to our national security. >> at the same time, secr
, secretary of state kerry and defense secretary hagel will meet here in washington with their russian counterparts. be sure of one topic of conversation will be edward snowden's asylum. >> andrea masch he will, thank you. >>> top adviser to the president, robert gibbs. >> good morning, savanna. that's whaur take on this. was this cancellation a face saving move by the u.s. or does it really demonstrate a more significant rift between the two countries? >> i think the administration believes that the president wouldn't be productive in moscow. this was a relationship that was good for the country and good for the world for four years. we got reductions in nuclear arms, cooperation on iran and north korea, and help in supply routes in afghanistan. since putin has arrived back on the scene as the president in charge, the relationship just hasn't borne much fruit. >> let me ask you about that. senator of schumer of new york was blunt about it saying that putin goes out of his way to stick the knife into the u.s. do you agree? is it personal? >> i don't think it's personal. i think there's
smoldering, but they hope to retrieve them this morning and then fly them back to washington for analysis. in the predawn sky in birmingham, fire and smoke as u.p.s. cargo flight 1354 crashed and burned roughly half a mile short of the runway. the pilot and copilot never made it out alive. seconds before the crash, witnesses thought they heard the engines sputtering or back firing. >> it flew so close to our house until when we heard the bang it shook the house. so it was quite terrifying. >> i seen the sky lighting up orange. i seen the plane on fire and i was like, he's not going to make it. i just heard loud noises. >> reporter: the tower reports no distress calls from the pilots. the fire that consumed the aircraft, intense. >> we have not been able to get in and get the black boxes if you will, the cockpit voice recorder, the flight data recorder. >> reporter: investigators hope those recorders will help them understand what went wrong. the plane involved was an air bus a-300 built in 2003 with just 11,000 flight hours logged over 6800 flights. the a-300 was first built in 1972. whil
to deliver the "washington post." you deliver it for 30 days, show up at the door to get them -- ask them to pay for the month and they hand you like a buck and you came out in the rain in the snow. you put the paper in a plastic bag, you put it inside the screen door. so when -- >> the next month did you like throw it at the front porch? >> yeah, you go get it. get it yourself. >> that we also have in common. hoda and i have a lot of things in common. we both delivered the "washington post" for a while. >> we did. >> when i was much older -- younger. i am much older now. you have a birthday coming up. >> so do you. >> no, i don't. >> yes, you do. yours is bigger than mine. this is going to put you in the best mood. >> oh, no. >> let me tell you why, before we roll this. this ihoda has got a broadway theme. if "fiddler on the roof" -- >> which i love. my daddy's favorite musical. >> -- had been about a woman and gwen stefani had been the singer, this would be the song. >> those are two things that would have never happened. >> get ready. you're going to feel a little fiddler in a minute.
mild for this time of year, august, boy, the 70s in boston, new york city and washington, d.c. 80s for you in chicago and minneapolis. 90 in denver so we're pretty warm there. salt lake city look at a high of 98 degrees. now we're going to get into our wednesday and we're going to see we have rain in the eastern third of the country here so it's starting again to kick up in the northeast and the southeast and our temperatures again staying relatively mild. you see denver, though, look at this drop in temperatures, from a high of 90 to 72 in houston, 100 degrees for you so very hot down in dallas, all that have high pressure that's holding out. as we get into thursday, again, a little rain for you in boston, starting to clear out south of there so new york city looking pretty good. washington, d.c., you, as well, but atlanta, here comes the rain again right down into florida. look at that heat in dallas, 104 for your thursday. 80 degrees in denver. 80 in seattle looking nice and clear out on the west coast, friday heading towardsed weekend. if you are on the eastern sigh of the coun
washington, d.c., new york, and boston. more rain also expected for places like arkansas and missouri, unfortunately inundated with rain, not needing anymore. temperatures in the 80s in new york city. 94 in washington, d.c. chicago coming in in the 80s. and 79 in minneapolis. we're about to see a little cooldown there in the upper plain states. as we get into saturday, that severe weather possibility continuing again in arkansas and parts of missouri. rainy as well into the southeast. we'll start to see the rain show up in the four corners. a little monsoonal moisture. temperatures staying in the 80s along the east coast, and that includes all the way down to atlanta. 90s in orlando. 70s in chicago and minneapolis. 97 degrees in salt lake city. so some heat there for you. on sunday we've got nice clear skies in the northeast, but dealing with some rain as we get into the southeast. also minneapolis looking out for some showers. and you can see another system starting to drop in. we're going to see a cooldown there as we get into the next few days. monday we again have good clear skies
. this is called the red caboose getaway in washington state. it's a train that you sleep in. it's got themed cars. there's -- they are refurbished. >> that might be great fun. that appeals to me. well -- i want to help these people sell their trips but -- >> it's unique. >> you have to have a spirit of adventure. >> yes, you certainly do. do you like b & bs? are you a b & b person? >> i'm not really. >> i always feel weird because they are so intimate and you hear everything. people are like, are you raze -- ready for breakfast? i like to go eat when i'm ready and, you know, and be a little bit of a hermit. >> hoda really likes to disappear. i don't think you know this about her. she's gregarious and stuff but when she's out, she's so out. she's not just out the door. she's out of town. >> i just get up and leave. >> who had a party the other day -- >> me. thank you very much. >> oh, yeah, yours. there was one before. oh, it was for sara. and there was -- i was plotting my escape. >> of course you were. >> i'm just saying. usually i say i have to go to the bathroom which isn't in the room where t
of this, just three days after the black, ferocious flood hijacked manitou springs. and in washington state, flooding stranded 65 hikers. this morning, they're safe. a fierce downpour had washed away their only road off the mountain. a temporary trail got them out alive. how much rain are we talking? three-plus inches right there in that red zone. and all the way through the mid-atlantic, southeast, raleigh included. here in new york city, we could see it already, south and west of philadelphia. three inches. >> right outside, too. thanks. >>> we'll get to the other top stories. josh, that baseball tragedy. >> yeah. it is. every time you hear, it's just terrible. we're going to begin there. a horrifying scene last night at atlanta at the braves game. a fan falling from the upper deck there. this morning, police trying to figure out what led to this fatal fall. the man fell from the 400-level upper deck of turner field, on the players' parking lot just outside the stadium. >> it's terrible. just -- you knew he wasn't going to make it. >> reporter: the fall, 65 feet, directly to the pav
on the syrian border and in washington. >>> going up. a dramatic spike in gas prices over the last 48 hours. the largest jump of the summer, just as millions of drivers get ready for the big holiday weekend. >>> and two lost kittens bring an entire new york city subway line to a standstill. the rescue mission that kept commuters on hold, friday, august 30th, 2013. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with matt lauer and savannah guthrie. live from studio 1-a in rockefeller plaza. >>> and good morning. welcome to "today" on a friday morning. i'm matt lauer. >> and i'm tamron hall along side al roker and willie geist. savannah has the morning off. a big concert as well. >> big crowd on the plaza. we'll get to that in our 8:30 half hour. chris brown out there. we look forward to that. but we have a lot to get to this morning. we want to start with the breaking news in syria. richard engle is joining us now from turkey near the syrian border. richard, what can you tell us? >> reporter: good morning, matt. undeterred by threats of u.s. military action the regime carried out yet another a
, saying it just wasn't worth it. and abc's jonathan karl is in washington with the very latest here. jon, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, josh. well, the president's decision to cancel that summit with vladimir putin comes as u.s./russian relations are at their frostiest since the cold war. they clashed over syria. now, the relationship is even worse. the last time a u.s. president canceled a planned meeting in russia was 1960, the height of the cold war, before even the cuban missile crisis. putin has carefully crafted his image as a russian strongman. showing off his physique on horseback, dominating foes in the hockey rink and on the judo mat. and just last month, some mighty big fish. even perfected the art of the icy stare. >> that seems to be his preferred style in press conferences. sitting back and not looking too excited. >> reporter: in cancelling the moscow summit, the white house cited not only the decision to grant asylum to edward snowden. but also, a long list of grievances, from human rights to global security. >> we're not afraid to state clearly where we
amber alerts have included oregon, washington and nevada. dimaggio is a friend of the andersons. and detectives say he may have developed an infatuation, a crush on hannah. a statewide amber alert was sent to every cell phone in california. but no confirmed sightings of him. >> and time of the essence in this search. >>> researchers say a virus may be to blame for dozens of mysterious dolphin deaths along the east coast, the worst in a quarter-century. 124 of the animals have been found stranded since july. the virus is spread from dolphin-to-dolphin. >>> a stunt at the annual motorcycle rally in sturgis, south dakota, went horribly wrong. a daredevil was set to ride throughout the tunnel of fire. and he drives in. but the crowd soon notices, he never drives out. a section inside that flaming tunnel collapsed. the driver made it out. he suffered some burns. but he is okay this morning. >>> and how about buying the ticket for your summer vacation and seeing this. an ominous sign. you see that confirmation number, spelled out goner 5. >> no. >> and in good humor, she tweeted the a
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capable branch located in yemen, but they were intercepted leading washington to close 20 posts at least through the weekend and issue travel alerts through august. >> we have to be continually vigilant and have been. >> reporter: today americans were told to leave yemen where al qaeda established a base. >> they have people that are very determined and very patient in attempting to carry out these attacks against the united states. >> reporter: they have especially skilled bomb makers. it was al qaeda in yemen that put an underwear bomb on a flight to detroit and sent a printer cartridge bomb to chicago. it's no surprise the man that took over from bin laden tapped his branch for a big attack. it's been creative, aggressive, and determined to attack the united states. yemeni officials say there was an american drone strike in yemen this morning killing four al qaeda militants. natalie? >> richard engle in cairo. thanks. >>> breaking news this morning, former president george w. bush has successfully undergone a heart procedure after doctors found a blockage in an artery. kelly o'donnell
is an undue burden, part of an irrational scheme of cutting spending in washington. so i think he wants to push republicans harder. and almost dare them to shut the government down feeling like he'll win that battle politically. >> mr. obama used his news conference attack on the nsa spy program announcing among other things this task force to review the program and propose possible changes. do task forces like the one that president obama's proposing, do those have a history of working? >> well, not necessarily. i think this is really going to be about congress working with these kind of strange bedfellows, these various coalitions both on the right and left to say how do we deal with privacy. this long after 9/11 can we review how we institute or rather execute the surveillance programs in the u.s. so how they put some of those safeguards in place become very difficult. i keep going back to a former director of the nsa who said the programs may have to be less successful in order to be more politically sustainable. >> david gregory, we'll check in with you later for a look at what's c
's interim government and security forces. we deplore violence against civilians. >> reporter: washington gives egypt's armed forces more than 1 billion dollars in aid a year. they have long been a reliable u.s. ally. it still has. egypt's government said the president's comments encouraged the opposition to protest more, leading to more violence. right now i am watching some of the wounded being taken out on the backs of motorcycles. they have been authorized to use live fire and they are doing that. >> david, let's join you. good morning to you. >> good morning, savannah. >> the real point of leverage is the $1.3 billion in u.s. aid to egypt. any chance the u.s. with draws that aid? if it did would it lose the influence it still has left? >> that's the real question. within the white house, they call that a knee-jerk move at this point. they are trying to calibrate up the president's response and administrations response. you have both members of congress, republicans and democrats starting to sound more angry. the egyptian military is putting them in a impossible situation. it's august
is moderator of "meet the press." we understand the washington has been working behind the scenes trying to find a solution here. how critical is it for the u.s. that this gets solved fast? >> well, i think it's really important. and just imagine how things have changed here. i mean, we're back in 2011. and the united states is pushing for hosni mu babarak to get out the way. now you have the muslim brotherhood, no big fans in the united states government, and yet they are now arguing, looking you can't keep these people in jail. you the egyptian military can't in effect become the new strongman of egypt. that's why the debate here, lester, is whether we cut off aid to the military to get more leverage in the fight. >> the u.s. does offer a lot of aid to egypt, $1.3 billion is the terms we keep hearing in terms of military aid, but isn't there a lot of cash coming from other countries? so is it really a question that we may not have as much influence as we think? >> there's cash from other places. certainly the figures in the united states, members of congress and the administration say,
-old son, max. it was not his first crash. in 2009, he and his mother were rescued from a washington state river, after the plane he was piloting had engine trouble. what caused his plane to crash on friday, roughly a mile before the runway remains a mystery. just two minutes before the crash, he told air traffic controllers that despite the weather, he had the runway in sight. >> are you going to be able to main tan visual contact with the airport? >> 622 is in visual contact now. >> reporter: moments later, the cockpit of his twin-engine plane was in flames. now that all of the bodies have been recovered, investigators are returning to the scene behind me this morning to try to figure out how and why this happened. bianna? >> devastation for that mother who lost two of her children. our thanks to you. >>> we're going to learn to a major development this morning in the intense, all-out manhunt for a san diego murder suspect and the teenage girl he's believed to have kidnapped. his car was found in a remote location in idaho. now, the two were spotted by a man on horseback. abc's clayton s
before that. just ask the original grill-inator, george washington! >> these wooden teeth are the dopey dope centerbugs, joe! >> as for you, m -- >> looks terrible. >> called having a ton of money and one day waking up, don't have anything else to buy. i will buy that. >> well then, congratulations, madonna! you're rich enough to look ridiculous! >> how are you doing, "tmz." how are you doing, man? >> i got andrei kirilenko. he is on the brooklyn nets. what is the best way to find a good woman? >> in new york? >> in new york or anything. you're married. how did you know she was the one? >> process. >> process. reason why i ask this question, his wife, who's like a pop singer, she allows him to sleep with one girl a year. >> we know about this guy. >> that's awesome. >> i'm down for that one. my girlfriend is anti-one person thing. you get one person -- >> i wrote to her, you could have sex with j.c. from 'n sync or ryan gosling. >> that's who you gave her? j.c. from 'n sync? [laughter] >> good seeing you, brother. >> coming up -- >> they had a stand-up with cops and cops ended up owing
ever to fight terrorism, or back away. while washington appears to be wavering, saudi arabia, kuwait, the ua and jordon have all come out strongly in support of egypt's military. >>> richard engle, thanks so much. a team from the united nations is in syria's capitol this morning to investigate the use of chemical weapons. they accused each other of using chemical weapons while denying it themselves. the u.n. team is expected to be there for about two weeks. >>> the first family is back in washington this morning after a nine-day vacation on martha's vineyard. they arrived back at the white house late last night. the president spent most of his vacation out of private view. today he'll hold a private meeting with private vesters to discuss efforts on strengthening the nation's economy. >>> more fallout on the edward snowden nsa leaks case. they detained the partner of the reporter that first revealed the leaks. david miranda was held under schedule 7 of the terrorism act which allows security agencies to stop and question people at boarders. he was released after nine hours of questio
or even apologize for what happened with desiree washington. i'm curious if you're at that stage in your life now. >> well, i don't really think i have to make amends to that. because i've done nothing. i really didn't do anything to her. i didn't rape her. i didn't beat her. i didn't do anything to her. and i'm not going to make amends. i made amends to myself. but to her, no. >> reporter: tyson was convicted on rape charges and spent three years in prison. so does that period in your life haunt you? >> not as much as it used to. >> reporter: explain that to me. >> it just doesn't. it really doesn't. it just doesn't no more. i'm at peace with myself pretty much. >> reporter: and he shows it. in the upcoming hbo special "undisputed truth," a recording of the one man show he has performed on stages around the world. in it he shares the advice hetr >> and you remember, mike, be careful how you fight your fight. the way you fight your wife is the way you live your life. >> you said one time one of the things you learned is that to succeed greatly you have to be willing to fail greatly. >> o
washington's character. >> she sure does. >> in more ways than one, if you know what we're saying. >> she's not afraid to take on his partner in crime played by mark wahlberg. take a look. >> it's my intent to cooperate with whatever you need. as an american, i know you're just doing your job. sometimes innocent folks like me get caught up in the system. >> come on, you want to play games? >> what did you have in mind? >> all right. we're done here. thank you. >> you're going to leave? >> oh, yes. >> what a vixen. >> don't be fooled by any of those people. this movie takes more turns and more twists. >> true. >> and you are not all you're cracked up to be either, missy. >> i'm not. i'm not. i'm good and bad. >> like most people. >> absolutely. >> whose love interest are you, denzel's or mark's? >> whose isn't she, you know what i'm saying? besides robin's. >> this is inmate believe world, denzel. >> yes. was it fun playing with these guys, because they have great chemistry. >> they have great chemistry and it was so much fun. and it was my second time working with denzel. so it was an hon
northern washington and northern montana. 83 in kansas city on sunday. we dry out in the nation's midsection. on monday we are looking at showers in arkansas, oklahoma, down in the southeast. still 78 in chicago. we're not shaking the cooler than average weather around the great lakes. 96 in salt lake city. wednesday looks quiet with the exception of the southeast. what's new? you can get the latest weather weekday mornings on wake up with al at 5:30. ♪ [ bats squealing ] we weren't really morning people. we're vampires after all. then we tried this nutri-grain fruit crunch bar. it's so crunchy. crunchy granola, mmmm... made with real fruit, 20 grams of whole grains. now, we love mornings. it's amazing what we're getting done. [ laughs ] whoa. slow down, boy. mornings. who knew? kellogg's nutri-grain fruit crunch. love the morning. kellogg's nutri-grain fruit crunch. easo why do you feel exso tired afterward? instead of refueled and focused, you're foggy and sluggish. it's that 2:30 feeling again. so how do you get your clear, alert feeling back? have a coffee... then another?
in texas is saying we love your kids but after 7:00, they're not welcome. another cafe owner in washington state got into hot water after posting a photo of the mess that kids left behind. we will tackle that debate later. >> a personal story as parents of young children. we have opinions. >>> plus, a look at the weekend entertainment including the latest on troubled actress amanda bynes and oprah winfrey says she was the victim of racism shopping in switzerland. >>> severe flooding battering reside residents across much of the nation's midsection. dylan, keeping your busy. >> it certainly is, erica. good morning. a big storm system is slowly making its way across the country and it's been dumping a lot of rain in a short period of time. in colorado it's claimed one life. this is what an hour's worth of heavy rain can do. flash floods taking out a string of cars on highway 24 near colorado springs. from the mountain west to the east coast and onto the south, severe storms over the past few days have led to at least three deaths and hundreds of homeless. the immense power of floodwaters bri
's hard, as well as sunday hoar. saturday 75 in atlanta. 78 washington, d.c. the precipitation will get that far north. sunday is the only game in the country a lot of heavy rain across the southeastern states. we continue our jump in to the new workweek, and we are dealing with tropical moisture. temperatures trying to rebound to the low 80s in the southeast. we work our way in to tuesday, and we are still looking at that rain threat. it will be day after day of rain here across the south. remember, every weekday morning, we want you to tune in to the weather channel. "wake up with al" starts 5:30 a.m. it's that 2:30 feeling again. soow do you get your clear, alert feeling back? have a coffee... then another? do this instead. take one 5-hour energy. in minutes foggy and sluggish is gone... hello clear and alert. 5-hour energy. take it after lunch. be clear and alert for hours. for digestive health? yes and did you know that trubiotics is a daily probiotic that helps in two ways. it supports digestive and immune health by working in your gut where 70% of your immune system lives. try tr
'm not the liar in the group. what's next? >> here's the next one, jeff bridges versus denzel washington. >> jeff is older. >> definitely denzel. let's go. oh, jeff bridges is 63. denzel is 58. there's no more? >> america was enjoying that. we could have done that for a long, long time. >> anyway, here's an interesting tidbit. a new study came out and it said that children who grow up with multiple siblings have a greater chance of having a marriage that does not end in divorce. in other words -- >> less likely to be divorced the more siblings you have. 20% more with each sibling you have. >> you get that, it makes you realize you have to share the bathroom, you can't have the tv on whatever channel you want. you have to compromise. the more siblings you have, the more likely your marriage will last. i think that's true. it's true only children think that the world -- >> except you and i both had two siblings and we're both divorced. >> so much for that. >> but i have been married almost 27 years this time. making up for a mistake, although i'm still friends with my ex -- >> you okay? >> -- my ex
of showers. 85 boston. 87 new york city. and washington by next thursday watch for a few showers down in parts of florida and the southeast coast. "wake up with al" starts each weekday morning at 5:30. could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. yep, everybody knows that. well, did you know the ancient pyramids were actually a mistake? uh-oh. geico. fifteen minutes could save you...well, you know. >>> all right. if you could use a million bucks, and who couldn't, we've got a challenge for you. >> all you have to do is solve one little math problem. that's it. and the money is yours. >> here with the million-dollar question, two math geniuses. actress danica mckellar, "new york times" best-selling author of "girls get curves: geometry takes shape." and jordan ellen burke, a professor of mathematics at the university of wisconsin madison. >> danica -- welcome, guys. >> harvard. >> danica, you've been pressing since -- we've had you on several times talking about how girls need to know math. >> i have four books now for girls from prealgebra through high school geometry just
. >> announcer: it's timeu for t fálp guests kerry washington. plus, modern day ñrmatchmaker, paulçójf carrick brunsonÑi answ. and chris brown makes aÑi drunk confessionçó on video. find out about his bizarreq lov trying and. now, here's wendy! ♪i]t(+c >> wendy: hi.çóñr thanks a lot.r appreciate it. happyt(ok columbus xdfdpv how you doin'? i'm doing great. we've got a terrific show for you. chris brownlp youtube video abo% being in love with twoi] women? okay. we got to talk about this. plus, hulkr the reasons again. this time that leaked sex tape, let's talk about thatw3 and mor. ñú have a seat, everybody. so first of all, i want tohs+out out to all the schoollp teacher% in our studio audience.fá all right. because this is the kind of mom i am. as of friday, i'm planning for a three-day weekend. i'm all ab%u11ñ okay, well, it' friday. no, you know, you can wait and do your homework on, yout( know sunday afternoon. then mondayq you'll come to the show with us. he says to jfme,ma, we have schl monday. i said+ no, youÑi don't. in the 1492 columbus sailed the ocean blue. he sailed
in washington. tom, thank you very much. >> breaking news in cairo as well. a deadly crackdown on protesters loyal to that country's ousted president. the violence so intense the u.s. embassy was forced to close down. nbc's richard engel is with us on the phone from cairo where the situation has been and continues to be very dangerous. richard, good morning. >> good morning. i'm joining you on the phone, but i'm in an area where there's you might be able to hear some of it on the phone. the egyptian presidency, which is the government that ousted the former president mohammed morsi just declared a short while ago egypt will be entering a one-month long state of emergency. it is still continuing with this crackdown to clear morsi supporters off the streets in cairo and other places. so far officials say around 100 people have been killed in this operation and around 900 injured. egyptian troops and police moved in to break up two protest camps in cairo by force. a final push to solidify a military takeover six weeks ago that critics call a coup. the protesters' supporters of the ousted presid
no longer works for american. >> tom costello in washington. thanks. >> natalie has new details on the massive fires out west. >>> good morning everyone. almost 50 large wildfires are burning across the western united states this morning taxing firefighting resources and pushing spending past $1 billion for the year. miguel almaguer is in haley, idaho with the latest. miguel, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. fighting these fires is a 24-hour operation. the men and women on the front lines may not get a hot bed or a warm place to go and eat for two weeks. even though they lost 106,000 acres of land, thousands of homes have been saved. deep inside the national forest, this is what the fire fight looks like. back breaking work contains the nation's most dangerous inferno. sean moore is a second generation fireman. the engine boss will spend two weeks facing the firestorm, about as much time as he spent at home this fire season with his 8-month-old son. >> my wife is sendg me photos and videos of him every night. different things he's starting to do that i'm not there for. >
there is very little doubt about that. is the u.s. about to make a military move? we're live in washington and on the syrian border. >>> bait and switch, donald trump hit with a $40 million lawsuit accused of using his for profit university to defraud students. this morning trump defends himself live. >>> and wild night, justin timberlake reunites with 'nsync at the mtv video music awards. [ music playing ] >>> but it is the performance by miley cyrus catching everyone off guard today. monday, august 26th, 2013. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is today with matt lauer and savannah guthrie. live from studio 1-a in rockefeller plaza. >>> and good morning, everyone. welcome to today on a monday morning. i'm savannah guthrie. >> i'm carl quintanilla. mike bettes has the morning off. did you stay up to watch the vmas? >> no. i never felt so old in my life. >> miley, wow. >> wow. we'll have a lot more of that including the reaction from inside the hall. a lot of people couldn't believe that shall we say, dramatic performance. >> also ahead, a dramatic 911 call from a 12-year-old boy who was ho
of nashville. here's the storms for the or not east. >> good morning, washington 74 degrees and partly cloudy skies. 70 at dulles airport, 70 at frederick. and 72 in culpepper, where visibility has been below a quarter mile at times. a hybrid 26-91. strong >> the warm, you have the muggy conditions, stormy in the northeast. i have to tell you, in los angeles, they have not had an 80-degree day in more than two weeks. >> slow clap. slow clap making it better. >>> brand-new pictures of usher's son rekefring right now and the latest from the custody battle. >>> and the murder for hire plot. the bang executive planning a hit on his wife or more than 20 years. >>> and lea michele, her first speech since her boyfriend passed away. >>> and there she is. carrie underwood getting ready to be our special guest host this morning. ♪ ♪ served on a toasted pretzel roll, our new bacon avocado chicken sandwich comes with fries and your choice of soup or salad. it's just one of chili's delicious lunch break combos. more life happens here. enjoy the whole family at a homewood suites, schedule a 5 o'clock m
to washington d.c. in 30 minutes. one inventor says it happens. he says the hyperloop will revolution ni revolutionize the way we travel. passengers will travel up to 700 miles per hour. he invicinitied the break through tesla battery car. he doesn't have time to build the hyperloop but he hopes that someone else will carry out his vision. >> and the mistake you would have to see to believe. classes set to resume in bakersfield california in just a few days and yes, a savvy road crew, this is what they painted right outside. students and teachers are greeted with that. clearly the c painted backwards there. it got lots of attention on social media. afterwards the workers were back out there fixing the problem and getting it right. i don't know, you think they did that for real. >> it was supposed to be skool. >> i can't believe they did that. >> coming up, need a little motivation to get to the gym? >> we have a panel of life coaches who have some advice for that and so much more. >> all coming up. but first, your local news and weather. jamie to checkout, please. there are lots of "jami
was our first president? >> george washington. >> who was our 15th president? you can say anything. the most of us don't know. i want to hear the rest of those 44 presidents. we are going to see some pretty hot temperatures right in the middle of the country. that's where it still feels like summer. temperatures will be about 15, almost 20 degrees above normal with highs today in the mid to upper 90s, high humidity. so it is going to be brutally hot out that way so naturally we do have excessive heat watches and warnings up across minnesota, parts of wisconsin, and into iowa as well. there's also in that same area the chance where we could see some strong storms this afternoon and the chance of some hail and also some >>> and today's top spot comes to us from alaska. our affiliate ktuu and the alaska state fair in palmer, alaska, is right outside of anchorage. the fair seen this year is fun matters which i think should be the theme every year. coming up eny great alaskan food and entertainment along with an appearance by the legendary bill cosby. so our friends at ktuu will be at t
, california, washington, vermont, maine and north dakota have yet to hit the jackpot. as for white, he's taking the $86 million pay out which after taxes leaves him with 60 million. more than enough to relive the glory days. >> i used to have an accura in 1988. i love that little car. i'm buying that car. >> yeah, she going to buy that car but now he's happy to easily put his kids through college. college is expensive nowadays, savannah. >> suris. helps to have a few million in the bank. thank you so much. >> thanks katie. mr. roker back with the rest of the weather. >> that's right. we check out what's going on as far as your weather is concerned. we're looking at strong storms in the midwest. wet weather in the northeast. that will cause airport delays. the heat continues down to the south. temperatures well over 100. heat continues in the pacific northwest. hit or miss showers and thunderstorms down through southern florida. we'll get to your local forecast in just 30 seconds. to fly home for the big family reunion. you must be garth's father? hello. mother. mother! traveling is eas
plot we go to pete williams in washington, d.c. with the latest. pete, what can you tell us. >> police in las vegas say the two were arrested after an undercover investigation that lasted several months. authorities charged david allen, age 42, and another with attempted murder. both planned to follow police cars and if an officer made a traffic stop the two would take the policeman away to be tied up and killed. they were members of a radical extremist group that doesn't believe police have any legitimate power. >> i feel that they are going far beyond what the constitution allows. i'm in jail because the government with undercover agents want me here. >> authorities said an undercover policeman took them to a house where they began building their own jail. they're said to be members of the movement whose members have been known to kill police before. >> all right, pete, thank you very much. now to wall street and what is moving the markets. jackie joins us with the latest. >> good morning. good morning to you, we are looking at microsoft shares. the positive reaction. share holders t
to you. >> reporter: good morning, matt. this morning's syria's foreign minister accused washington of searching for a pretexts to attack the country. said if any military action does come, syria will defend itself by all means possible. >> reporter: u.n. inspectors in damascus. one of their vehicles shot by a sniper interviewed victims yesterday and doctors and looked for evidence of a chemical attack. but it may be too late. u.s. intelligence officials are convinced the syrian regime used chemical weapons last week on a scale not seen anywhere in decades. so the united states is once again building a case for military action, this time on moral grounds and to discourage others from using chemical weapons. >> the images of entire families dead in their beds without a drop of blood or even a visible wound, bodies contorting in spasms. human suffering that we can never ignore or forget. anyone who can claim that an attack of this staggering scale could be contrived or fabricated needs to check their conscience and their own moral compass. >> reporter: while the white house says no fi
, washington, vermont, main and north dakota have yet to hit the jackpot. after taxes, he has $60 million, and more than enough to relive the glory days. >> i used to have an accura. >> he said he is happy to put his kids through college, and college is expensive nowadays. >> yeah, helps to have a few million in the bank. >>> mr. roker back with the rest of the weather. >> yeah, we will check out the weather, and we are looking at strong storms in the midwest. wet weather moving in the northeast, and that is going to cause airport delays, and the heat continues down through the south, and in texas temperatures over 100, and hit and miss showers and thunderstorms down through southern florida. we will get to your local forecast in just 30 seconds. because you can fly any airline anytime. two words. double miles! this guy can act. wanna play dodge rock? oh, you guys! and with double miles you can actually use, you never miss the fun. beard growing contest and go! ♪ i win! what's in your wallet? >>> good morning to you. you made it to friday. we've got a great looking weekendm,starting. yo
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blue eyes. but his greatest love was his family. john met his wife nancy in nbc's washington bureau in 1979 where she worked for nightly news. they raised three daughters, molly a producer here at "today," carter that works in the entertainment industry and hope, a budding journalist at the nbc washington bureau. he never missed an opportunity to boast about his beautiful daughters. >> she was born on december 10th and now she is proudly with the "today" show. >> john's legacy lives on in his family and ours. >>> bryant gumbel and jane pauley are with us. >> how are you. >> great. seven years were were a team with john gumbel. >> we were a family with john. >> you hit it right on the button. john was a gentleman with a capital g. you always knew what you were getting. john was the adult of our family, you know? jane was the kid sister, i was the troublesome brother and we had two uncles and then there was john. john was the adult of the group. >> i got the news from a test from tom just telling me the news and he finished it with such a sweet man and it struck me. i thought about th
. >> we know you'll continue to follow it. chuck todd in washington thank you very much. >>> natalie with breaking news out of pakistan overnight, good morning to you. >> good morning guys and good morning everyone. in pakistan the former president was indicted in connection with the assassination of benazir bhutto. pervez musharraf arrived in court and pleaded not guilty to murder and other charges. former prime minister benazir bhutto was killed in 2007 after a political rally. this is the first time any former army chief in pakistan has been charged with the crime. >>> in india a passenger train plowed into a group of hindu pilgrims monday at a crowded station. at least 37 people were killed. a mob attacked the engineer and set fire to the train. the pilgrims were crossing the tracks when they were hit by an express train. a rail spokesman said the train had been given clearance to pass through the station. >>> more fallout this morning after the partner of an american journalist was detained at the london airport on sunday. london police held david miranda, the partner of glenn g
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